We attended our first Real Estate Exhibition and Conference at the Grand Luxor Hotel, Benidorm on the 23rd February 2019. The exhibition attendance wasn’t great but we had a steady slow flow of visitors, mainly real estate agents and some legal advisors. We managed to get a fair share of the visitors to come and see what we had to offer their business. Everyone seemed impressed with our stand (see photo below) as well as what our 3D Showcase technology could do for them and their customers. Overall, a successful single days marketing and a great venue to showcase what we have to offer the Costa Blanca. One real outcome was our 3D scan of the venue itself the day before the exhibition took place. We managed to get the venue scanned with no stands in place so the hotel can now offer future conference organisers the ability to walk around the venue without actually having to travel to Benidorm to see if its what they are looking for…win/win.

boomworks stand
Inmoco Expo Feb 2019 – boomworks stand

Take a walk around the Grand Luxor Hotel Conference venue and see how easy it is to imagine your next conference or exhibition taking place there. It’s immersive and so cool, we hope other venues will soon be asking us to scan theirs.

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