Yes, your camera or your real estate agent’s camera phone takes some great photos…or does it? When every listing on an agency’s website are all taken from similar devices, they will all look “ok” or “suitable” but is that really enough?

So, you're trying to sell your home, maybe the proceeds are for your retirement or maybe you're looking to upsize due to a new arrival in the family. Poorly taken (light or angle) or low-quality photos could seriously damage the chances of selling your property.

What are your options for improving the look of your home on the internet in such a busy market? Do you:

  • Sit back and try and get lucky by someone purchasing your property based on smartphone quality photos?
  • Pay for a professional photographer to get great quality, yet the same old bog-standard photos?

Across all industries, technology is rapidly changing the way we work and interact, with social media being a massive marketing and advertising platform and online sales leading the way forward. Is your property keeping up with the rest of the world? One possible answer is to at least consider using the latest technology to market your property online. There are a few solutions out there today that would make a huge difference in making your property stand out from the rest. These might include: 360o photos, walk-through videos, GIF short movies of photos mashed together, drone aerial photos and film and last but not least, interactive 3D Virtual Tours.

Any of the above options will definitively improve on the marketing of your property using photographs alone, so we encourage you to look around and find what works best for you and your property. We strongly suggest that whichever technology you decide to use, ensure you make your property stand out from the rest as much as possible and spend as much as you can realistically afford to present your property in the best possible light.

Internet users today want instant gratification and don’t expect to be left waiting long to get the answers they need. They want to see your property in glorious detail, enough detail to help them make a decision to buy, rent or at least give them confidence that your property is worth visiting in real life. Gone are the days of open houses, travelling far and viewing 10 boring photos (standard on most estate agent websites) of properties.

Many property owners don’t have the time or know-how to create this digital content themselves, most estate agents don’t either so you should seriously consider working with people who do, or buyers or renters will pass your property by in preference to others that use this type of technology to their advantage.

Don’t take the risk and carry on using smart-phone cameras to market your property – instead invest in one of your most expensive assets to get the most from it. You’ll also be surprised at just how affordable this can be!

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