Modern drone aerial photography has been developing at pace for the last decade and allows you to capture landmark footage typically only available to high-end Hollywood budget film crews. This technology means you don’t need a film crew anymore – all you need is a professional drone (unmanned aerial vehicle [UAV]) and a licensed professional drone pilot. We do all the hard work for you and produce amazing high definition aerial footage (photographs, hyper-lapse, and promotional movies) to show off anything from the air.


  • Aerial photography and video allows you to uniquely market anything from a unique perspective - the sky
  • Aerial views offer another level of marketing potential that even high quality and professional ground-based photographs simply cannot provide
  • Aerial Videography is lower in cost than you might think, it fits most budgets and is more affordable than any previous aerial photography options such as using airplanes or helicopters
  • Ideal for real estate agents, adventure companies, construction projects, event organisers, weddings, resorts, hotels, spas, tourist information and any business with a head for heights

Aerial Videography packages


€250 + IVA
  • 3 Aerial Photographs
  • 1 hour filming onsite
  • 30 Second HD Video
  • Video titling (1 Intro slide)
  • Soundtrack (Royalty free)


€399 + IVA
  • 10 Aerial Photographs
  • 1 hour filming onsite
  • 60 Second HD Video
  • Video Titling (Intro, Exit slide)
  • Soundtrack (Royalty free)
  • Social Media GIF Clip


€599 + IVA
  • 20 Aerial Photographs
  • 2 hour filming onsite
  • 90 Second HD Video
  • Video Titling (Up to 5 slides)
  • Soundtrack (Royalty free)
  • Social Media GIF Clip
  • Vimeo Hosting (12 months)

What happens next?

1. Book your package

Tell us where you would like us to fly over to photograph, film, etc. and we take care of the rest. Our professionally trained drone pilot will use our perfected shot lists to capture everything you need.

Select your preferred package and place your order.

2. We do all the work (flying)
3. You get your aerial video

We are happy to provide a tailored quotation based on your individual needs. All quotations and instructions are subject to boomworks' Service Terms and Conditions that will be included with all quotations.

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