Our latest Real Estate property Showcase featuring aerial drone video and 3D virtual tour of a property for sale in Pinoso (El Pinos). boomworks worked with Ritamar Properties to develop a full promotional video of real estate available for sale in the Pinoso area, including 2 x 10.000 sqm (ready to build) plots, 1 house being built and a great example of a completed property (featured in the video below).

Pinoso, officially El Pinós/Pinoso is a traditional Spanish town that sits located in the mountainous countryside of the Alicante/Murcia border. This traditional town is renowned for the production of fine wines, rock salt, and marble. Pinoso has a population of 7,300 and a municipal area of 126 km2.

We hope you enjoy the video!

Promotional video for Casa René, El Pinós
3D short video created to highlight how you can share this exciting technology on social media platforms