You can design, develop and host your own website using a number of online service providers. So why choose a website development company to do it for you? The truth is it takes time from you building and running your business, and the cost of your time is probably a lot more expensive than using a professional website development company in the long run. Also, if you wanted to build a wall, would you employ a builder or would you do it yourself? Sure, it isn't that difficult to lay a few bricks on top of each other, but it might be a very risky idea if a storm knocks it down because you didn't know about how to put in the right foundations in or adding the metalwork structure to secure the wall in the design process. The same analogy applies to your website. If you build it yourself, it might work fine for a while but when it breaks down do you want to spend hours trying to fix it or do you want someone to just take care of it for you?

Web Design

Your business only gets one chance to make a first impression. Your web design should tell customers immediately what you are and why they need your product or service – designed correctly your website will sell for you 24/7/365


When you need legal advice, you go to a lawyer. When you need a fast, reliable website, you need a website development specialist who simply makes it happen. You also shouldn't have to worry if your website is using the best technology - it should be part of the service you get


Your website must be secure to make customers trust your brand. Customers must be able to access your site on any device and at any hour of the day. Your website hosting service must serve your customers quickly, reliably and affordably


Your brand is extremely important to your business and your website should respect and reflect the brand values. Understanding how to transfer a consistent brand message through effective design, messaging and social media is of paramount importance

Search Optimisation

Your website needs to remain relevant to customers searching for your products or services online. Ensuring your website content focusses on what your customers need so that search engines can match their requirements takes time and effort - and should not be left to chance. If customers cannot find you, you won't sell or grow online.


Writing content for your website to engage your customers and move them to action is key to your online success. Clarity and precision in your wording will ensure your customers find what they want quickly and drive them to make purchasing decisions more easily.

the process

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Together we agree the project schedule for your website. We gather your content and business requirements and present design concepts. When you are happy we move on to the Development stage




We begin setup and coding on our development systems. We present regular updates on progress so you can see how the website comes to life with your content. We continue developing to schedule and prepare for launch after thorough testing




Once you are entirely happy with your new website we prepare for launch. We recommend the use of a marketing plan to get the most from your launch. We prepare and check the website search engine optimisation so your website performs well on searches. You launch to the world!


We have website development packages to suit all business needs. Below are some standard packages that suit most small to medium-sized business needs but we are able to provide you with a tailored package if our standard packages do not provide what you need for your business. Whatever your website need, we can cater for it and we would be very happy to meet and discuss your needs.

Our Standard Packages

All our standard website packages come with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to target your local, regional or national marketing needs. All sites are hosted in our European Datacentres which ensures all your information is securely contained and within GDPR legislative requirements. These are standard website packages but we can also provide other business features like eCommerce, Social Media login or any other features you want for your business.


€45 per month
  • Free Domain name
  • Email address
  • 10 Page website
  • Mobile responsive
  • Contact form
  • Monthly updates
  • Hosting (Europe)
  • Secure Site (SSL)


€65 per month
  • Free Domain name
  • 2 Email addresses
  • 20 Page website
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Contact form
  • Weekly updates
  • Hosting (Europe)
  • Secure Site (SSL)


€85 per month
  • Free Domain name
  • 5 Email addresses
  • 30 Page website
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Contact form
  • Daily updates
  • Hosting (Europe)
  • Secure Site (SSL)

Please note: There is a setup fee of €150 for all websites that is payable upon placing your order with us. Monthly payments are contracted with us for a minimum of 2 years.