The Pool & Water Leak Detection & Repair Specialists

Leak-Tech is a well established business in the Costa Blanca, which specialise in the detection and repair of domestic and community pool leaks. The client approached boomworks with an interest in updating their digital presence, since their current provider had seemingly put their business on hold (neglecting the Leak-Tech website in the process). Below is a captured screenshot of the Leak-Tech website "before" we gave it a complete overhaul:


Screenshot 2020-08-19 at 15.21.37

The team at boomworks built an entirely new website for Leak-Tech, which runs the latest software and implements trendy design techniques to eliminate the historic "boxed" design of the original website. The typeface and colour scheme have been replicated on the new website, but with an added touch of creativity and smart layouts to make it easy on the eye.



Not only did boomworks provide the client with an up to date and responsive website - but we also optimised the websites meta data, which will allow search engines like Google to index each page and be found by potential customers in the area. The websites content was taken by our in-house photographers & videographers, meaning that the site is completely original (and also provides fresh content for the clients social media accounts).